HAJJ- World’s Largest Pilgrimage and Umrah Travell guide to Muslims

Hajj Process Step By Step

  1. Clear Intentions
  2. What Type of Hajj is to be performed
  3. Hajj Al-Tamatt’u
  4. Hajj Al-Qiran
  5. Hajj Al-Ifraad

For Umrah

  1. Make Clear Your Intentions and Wear Ihram:
  2. Declare your intentions and saying the talbiyah.
  3. First Sight of Ka’bah:
  4. Tawaf
  5. Multazam
  6. Maqam Ibrahim
  7. Zamzam
  8. Sa’ey
  9. 2 Raka’ats of Prayer
  10. Have your hair shaved or clipped.
  11. Umrah is completed

For Hajj

  1. Re-Declare your Intentions and Wear Ihram to perform hajj.
  2. Move towards Mina City
  3. Move towards Mount Arafat for Waquf.
  4. Spending Night at Muzdalifah
  5. Ramy in Mina for Stoning
  6. Sacrificing The Animal.
  7. Hair Cut and Nails Trim.
  8. Tawaf
  9. Sa’ey.
  10. Ramy on Day 4th and 5th.
  11. Farewell Tawaf.
  12. Hajj Completed/ Eid Al Adha Celebrated.


Hajj Is the Fifth Pillar of Islam in Five Pillars of Islam: –

  1. Shahadah
  2. Salat (Prayer)
  3. Swam (Fasting)
  4. Zakat (Charity)
  5. Hajj.

Hajj is the Islamic Pilgrimage to The Muslims, Every Muslim Who is Wealthy and Physically Able Should Perform Hajj At Least Once in his Life. To Perform Hajj Muslims Have to Come Saudi Arabia to The Makkah. Makkah Muslims Holy City. Hajj is performed in the Month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Which is The Twelfth Month in Islamic Calendar Which is based on Lunar Phases. After Hajj is performed, the festival of sacrifice is celebrated which is called Eid Al-Adha.

Only Muslims Can Perform Hajj.


Umrah is Also a kind of Pilgrimage but not compulsory.

Difference between Hajj and Umrah

  • Both are Pilgrimage
  • Hajj is Compulsory to a Muslim While Umrah is Not Compulsory.
  • Hajj is a Kind Of Major Pilgrimage and Umrah is Considered as Minor
  • Umrah can be performed in any month but Hajj is to be performed only in the month of Dhu Al-Hijjah.
  • Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam While Umrah is not.
  • The Rewards for Hajj is higher than Umrah.

There is A Process through Which Hajj Is Performed, These Are the Very Easy Steps,

Every Muslim Who is Performing Hajj Should Have Very Clear Intentions to Perform Hajj. After that they wear Ihram. Ihram is a set of two White Sheets Clothe which is to be worn by man, One Piece of Cloth is to be covered by the waist and another sheet should cover the shoulders. For Ladies, Ordinary Clothes are their Ihram.

There are Three Types of Hajj: –

  1. Hajj-Al-Tamatt’u
  2. Hajj-Al-Qiran
  3. Hajj-Al-Ifraad


  1. Hajj Al-Tamatt’u:

    This Type of Hajj is very popular and this is the easiest way to perform Hajj. In this Muslims First Perform Umrah then they Perform Hajj after a gap of time. Most of the Muslims From Foreign Country Performs This Type of Hajj.

  2. Hajj Al-Qiran:

    In This Muslims Perform Hajj Just After Umrah With No Brake.

  3. Hajj Al-Ifraad:

    In this Hajj Muslims Only Perform Hajj and No Umrah.

Umrah Process

  1. Make Clear Your Intentions and Wear Ihram: This is the First Stage, Here Muslims who are performing Umrah should be very clear with their intentions to perform Umrah and the should be clean, they should Shave, Trip Their hairs And Cut Their Nails etc. and they should avoid Any Perfume or scent as this are not allowed in Umrah or Hajj. And anything like shaving, nails trimming etc. are also not allowed in between Umrah or Hajj.
  2. Declaring Intentions and Saying Talbiyah. There is a Place in Saudi Arabia called Miqat which is approx. 19 Km from Makkah, it is a kind of Boundary were Muslims can enter with full state of Ihram only. Here they have to say Talbiyah a Short Prayer. Men have to say this loudly while women have to say in a normal And the prayer is:-

“O, Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. Please make it easy for me and accept it from me. Amen.”

While entering in Masjid Al-Haraam try to put your Right Foot First. And Recite:

“Allah huma aftah li abwabe rahmate ka “

This is the Prayer which Muslims use to recite while entering a Mosque.

  1. First Sight of Ka’bah: Try to Keep your eyes fixed and pray whatever you want to pray because it is believed that this time is a special time and all Prayers are accepted. While Entering towards Ka’bah recite this:

Recite Allahu Akbar 3 Times (“God is great”)

Recite La Ilaha Illallah 3 Times (“There is no god but God”)

Recite Darud on our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH)

  1. Tawaf: Tawaf means Circling the Ka’bah in Counter-Clockwise for Seven Times. Before doing Tawaf it is to make sure that the Upper sheet of Ihram Should passes under the right arm and lays across the left shoulder. After Doing Tawaf try to kiss the Black Stone-It is Believed that this Black Stone is from

While Doing Tawaf All Muslims Have to Recite:

لَبَّيْكَ اللَّهُمَّ لَبَّيْكَ، لَبَّيْكَ لا شَرِيكَلَكَ لَبَّيْكَ، انَّالْحَمْدَ، وَالنِّعْمَةَ، لَكَ وَالْمُلْكَ، لا شَرِيكَلَكَ

Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, labbayka la sharika laka labbayk, innal hamda wan ni’mata laka wal mulk la sharika lak.

Here I am O Allah! Here I am, at your service! You have no partner, here I am. All praise, grace, and dominion belong to you. You have no partner.


It is Mandatory to go around the Hatim-A Semi Circular Structure near Ka’bah, This is also the part of Ka’bah but didn’t include in rebuilt of Ka’bah.

  1. Multazam: Multazam is a place were it is Belived that all prayers are accepted, so Pray their.
  2. Maqam Ibrahim: Here they have to offer 2 rakahs of nafls wajib al- tawaf Prayer.
  3. Zamzam: Muslims Beliefs that Water of Zamzam is the Purest in the World. And this water is to be drunk by standing.

Before Drinking Zamzam Water You can Recite this Prayer: –

“Allahummah inni as’aluka ilm-an naafi’an wa rizqan waasi’an wa shifa’am min kulli daa’in.”

(O Allah! I implore Thee for beneficial knowledge, for vast provisions, and for a cure from every disease.)

  1. Sa’ey: Sa’ey is an Arabic Word for “to Run” After Tawaf Muslims have to Run or Try To walk Speed Seven Times in Between the hills of Safa and Marwah, Before they Start Running They have to pray: –

“O Allah! I perform Sa’ey between Safa and Marwah to please you. Make it easy for me and accept it from me.” And “Indeed Safa and Marwah are among the Signs of Allah.”

  1. 2 Raka’ats of Prayer: After Completing Sa’ey Two Raka’at(Set) of Nafl is to be offered in Masjid Al-Haram
  2. Can Shave Hairs and Trim Nails: After Prayssser, they can have their hair cut ant they can have their nails trimmed, etc.
  3. Umrah is completed: After Trimming Hairs and Nails the Umrah Is Completed and Now they don’t Have Restrictions to Wear Ihram if they are Performing Only Umrah.

But if they are Performing Hajj-Al-Tamatt’u then they can’t have Hair Cut or Nails Trimmed until they Completed the Hajj’s Process and Sacrifice the Animal. Complete Details are Follows in this Post so Stay Tuned to Know the Hajj Process Step by Step.


Hajj Process

  1. If you are doing Hajj-Al-Tamattu then you have to first complete the process of Umrah.
  2. Re-Declare your Intentions and Wear Ihram: Re-Declare your intentions to perform Hajj and Wear Ihram, Before Wearing Ihram one has to be well clean, all his nails, hairs are to be trimmed because this is not allowed in between. And Again No Perfume and Scent is Allowed.
  3. Move towards Mina City: Day 1 all pilgrims moves to the city Mina. This City is Approx. 7 Km from Makkah. Here there are Large Number of Air-conditioned Tents are available Provided Arranged by the Authority. On day one there is no major act is performed so all pilgrims spent the day by praying and reciting Quran. Here in these tents ladies and gents stays separately.
  4. Move towards Mount Arafat for Waquf: On Day 2 All Pilgrims Move towards Mount Arafat which is Approx. 13 Km from Mina City. Here they start praying from sun started declining to complete dark, here they pray to Allah for Forgiveness of their Sins and Mercy from Allah. When The Sun Is Completely set then pilgrimages don’t offer Magrib prayer at mount Arafat they immediately moved to the area called Muzdalifah.
  5. Spending Night at Muzdalifah: Muzdalifah is a place between Mina and Arafat were all pilgrims offer prayer Magrib Prayer (Just after Sunset) and they spend their night in the open sky by praying, and asking mercy from Allah.

And In the Morning, All Gathers 49 Small Stones or pebbles so that they can stone to the devil. In Mina they Leave Muzdalifah after Morning Fajar Prayer

  1. Ramy in Mina for Stoning: Day 3rd All Pilgrims moved to mina to perform a rituals called stoning to the devil, they through those 49 pebbles which they have gathered from Muzdalifah to the stone called Jamrat al Aqabah.
  2. Sacrificing The Animal: It is Necessary to sacrifice the animal by our hand and for ladies they can’t sacrifice they animal instead for them any confident can sacrifice in her name, But Now days in Hajj you can purchase just a token and the qualified person can sacrifice the animal, the meat of the animal is distributed in poor countries or to the needy.
  3. Hair Cut and Nails Trim: After Sacrificing the animal one can have their nails trimmed and for men they have to shave their completely and Women can have short lock of hair cut.
  4. Tawaf: Just as Umrah you have to walk 7 times counter-clockwise to the Ka’bah. By loudly saying talbiyah for men and women can say in normal tone
  5. Sa’ey: Same as Umrah have to walk in Seven Times in Between the hills of Safa and By Reciting The Same Prayers As Mentioned in the Umrah Process.
  6. Ramy on Day 4th and 5th: On day 4th and 5th all pilgrimages throw stones to the other 2 stones also, first they throwh stone to Jamrat Oolah then Jamrat Wustah then finally the throw stone at Jamrat Al-Aqabah.
  7. Farewell Tawaf: After this all process pilgrimage make final tawaf of Ka’bah by reciting the same process for seven times in counter-clockwise. Here they pray from Allah they Allah forgive them and their relatives, friends, and everyone for their Sins.
  8. Hajj Completed/ Eid Al Adha Celebrated: Every one assumes and starts their new life, which is devoted to Allah, and the life of Peace.

Here Day 1 Refers to 8 Zil Hijjah–First Day of Hajj

Here Day 2 Refers to 9 Zil Hijjah–Second Day of Hajj

Here Day 3 Refers to 10 Zil Hijjah–Third Day of Hajj

After this many Pilgrims move to the Madina to visit the Holy Site Tomb of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH).

The Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) Said:

“The person who offers 40 prayers consecutively in my Mosque, without missing a prayer in between, will secure immunity from the fire of Hell and other torments and also from hypocrisy.”

“The person who comes solely for the purpose of paying a visit to my grave, has a right on me that I should intercede for him.”

“The person who performs Hajj and then visits my Tomb, will be regarded as though he had seen me in my worldly life.”

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