Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of Blessings, there are many benefits of fasting this month in terms of Spirituality as well as Health. It is believed that every good deed is multiplied by 70 times in the month of Ramadan. And in regards with health the same thing applied. There are many misconceptions related with health for the month of Ramadan. Many thinks that they will become weak, they loss too much of weight, they can get ill, etc. But it is completely wrong! In this article we are discussing the health benefits of Ramadan. Here are the few points:-

  1. Detoxification:

    Detoxification means the process of removing Toxic from the Human body, there are many toxic presents in our body like Alcoholic Toxic, Drug Toxic, Etc. This toxics are present in our body in the form of fat. And fasting helps in fat burn as in the month of Ramadan people avoids Alcoholic Beverages and they also avoid smoking etc. In our body liver, kidney and other organs perform detoxification task. For Better Detoxification we have to avoid Beverages with gas, Fast food which contains too much spices and oil, all alcoholic beverages, Smoking, and Unnecessary Medicines for minor illness.

  2. Digestive System:

    In the month of Ramadan we use to follow a schedule for our food. This makes our digestive system stronger as it gets rest. When we eat our digestive system releases acid for digestion of food. But if we give rest to this process with fasting this acids were not released and this gives relax to our digestion system. Fasting also helps in quitting junk food and eating food at uneven time. So, fasting helps in the maintenance of our digestive system.

  3. Controls Blood Sugar:

    Fasting helps in controlling blood sugar level, in our body the presence of glucose is sugar. Which comes from the food we eat, and when we avoid food in fasting glucose level decreases. While fasting our body starts breaking of already available glucose molecules to get energy, this makes our blood sugar level low.

  4. Helps in Fat Breakdown:

    As we know eating too much generates fat, and fasting breakdowns the glucose in our body. Glucose is the sugar which generates from the food we eat. And when we fast the fat stored in our body starts melting to provide energy to our body. Most of the fat stored in our body is at kidney, heart, intestines etc. when this fat melts we become more active.

  5. Healthy Heart:

    Muslims use to follow Sunna of Prophet Muhammad SAW and use to eat Dates mostly in the month of Ramadan. It is free from cholesterol and it has just 0.4g total fat and 0g of saturated fat per 100g of dates. Which is really healthy for heart. Dates are rich sources of iron.

  6. Controls High Blood Pressure:

    The major causes to raise blood pressure is Alcohol, Extra Body Fat, Smoking, Stress, etc. So as we know during the month of Ramadan no Muslim touches the alcohol or they smoke. During Ramadan fasting makes weight loss to an extent with a proper diet. About stress this will be controlled by reciting Quran. And all these things makes High blood Pressure control.

  7. Weight Loss:

    Fasting doesn’t make weight loss but with a proper diet during the month of Ramadan. Overweight people can loss there weight for this they have to avoid fast food or junk food, spicy food, oily food and over eating. They can go with the soups dates, bread, milk etc. and a strict 5 time praying schedule to loose there weight.

  8. Good Diets:

    During the month of Ramadan Muslims use to prefer fruits, juices, and a healthy diet. Most of them assumes that fasting is not ok for the health but in the month of Ramadan. People having fast becomes more active and they perform must better than others.

  9. Strong Immune System:

    During fasting Muslims avoid all alcoholic Beverages and they quit Smoking. They use to eat healthy food with more calories and proteins. Muslims prefer eating Fresh Fruits in the fasting. this removes toxics from the human body. And they use to pray 5 times a day Muslim’s Prayer is Namaz. which is like a Physical Exercise which involves body’s Movement. All these makes human body stronger and its Immune system stronger.

  10. Good Sleep:

    In the month of Ramadan Muslims follows a proper schedule for having food, for prayer and for sleep also. This helps body’s internal clock to adjust itself for waking early so they sleep on time with the quality sleep. And the whole day body keeps on working to melt the fat. Which makes body little bit tired and you will have a good sleep. Avoiding Alcohol and smoking also leads to a good quality sleep.

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