How to Overcome Common Health Issues In Ramadan

Health Problems Few Might Face in Ramadan and How to Overcome Them.

It is Obvious When We Change our Schedule. Whenever we switch Our Daily Schedule to a New Time we Might Face Some Health Issues, But It is not to be worried because they are just Minor Health Issues which can take care of the Available Solutions.

Common Health Issues:-

  1. Indigestion
  2. Headaches
  3. Lethargy
  4. Heartburn, Etc.

How to Overcome this Health Issues:-


Indigestion Causes Due to Non-Scheduled Food and Improper Habits of Daily Life.

We can easily overcome from this problem by following this few tips:

By Drinking Lots of Water after our Meals.

By Avoiding Non-Scheduled Food (Means Eating at Irregular Time or Late Night)

By Avoiding Spicy Foods, Specially containing Chilies.

Avoid Cold Drinks or Any Beverages Which Contains Gas.

Avoid Sleeping Or Doing Exercise Immediately after Having Food.

Avoid Intoxicants like Alcoholic Beverages

Avoid Smoking.

And By Doing Meditation/Exercise (No Mediation or Exercise is better than Prayer. Try to Pray All 5 Daily Prayers on Time)

Avoid Salted Vegetables or Pickles Which Contains High Amount Of Salt.


Headaches are the common Health Problem in adults as well as in children, How to avoid A headache easy tips:

Having Enough Rest (Most People Do Not Properly rest and they face this Headache Problem)

Irregular Sleeping Schedule (To Avoid Headaches we have to stick to a daily sleeping schedule, No Matter if it is Weekend or party)

Oversleeping also causes a headache

To avoid Headaches- Do Exercise, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, gardening, etc any Activity Which Is Related to Nature.

Try to massage your Head with Hair oil.

Check Your Sleeping Mattress and select the best one because this also makes headaches.

Sleep in good Posture and select the best Pillow.

If you work on the computer the adjust the computer’s screen height and the Brightness.

Avoid Drinking Super Chilled Drinks.

Avoid Caffeine related drinks.

Headaches May also Cause due to Eye Problems And Teeth Problems (So Have An Eye and Teeth Checkup)


Lethargy Means Inactivity, Slowness, Dullness or We Can Say Tiredness How to overcome from this:

Generally, This Causes due to lack of sleep. (So, Try To Sleep Properly)

It could be due to Depression. (So, Be Social and Discuss Your Problems with your Friends and Relatives, and Recite Quran and Pray Because This is the Best Medicine for Depression.)

This could be also Due To Your Health Issues. (So Stay Healthy)

You Can Fill Dullness if You Have High Dosage of Medicines. (So Take Proper Rest After Having Medicines.)

Eating Disorders also makes you Inactive.

And Food With High Amount of Fat Makes You Slowness.

So, Do Your Daily Exercise on time and Eat Well and Sleep Well This Will Help You to Overcome Fatigue or Lethargy.


Medical Name for Heartburn is GERD: Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. This Happens When What We Have eaten, Flows backward towards our Mouth, This Stomach Content is Mixed With Acids which Makes Our Food Pipe Burn OR Irritate (Here Burn Means Fill Uncomfortable). How To Over Come From This Problem.

The First Reason For This is Overweight. So Do Exercise Which Reduces Your Weight.

Consuming Intoxicants like Alcoholic Beverages – Avoid This.

Fried Food Containing High Amount Of Oil and Spices Also make Heartburn So Avoid This Especially in Ramadan.

Sleeping Just After Having Food, And Specially Lying Flat on Bed Makes you Heartburn, So We Have to Avoid This.

Avoid Foods Which Causes Heartburn like Carbonated Beverages, Coffee or Caffeine, Citrus, Etc.

Eating Heavy Food Means Avoid Eating Too Much.

Smoking is Also The Factor-So Avoid Smoking.

Try to Wear Loose Clothes.

If You Still Feel Uncomfortable Then You Have To Consult Your Doctor For Your Problem.

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