Ramadan Preparation short and long Tips, MAXIMIZE the rewards

To gain the maximum profit/reward in Ramadan you have to prepare before it come or else you can miss some important starting days of Ramadan. Ramadan is only for just 30 days you don’t like to be miss any days of it. By taking care of small things you can maximize the Ramadan reward. So here is some few quick tips for you.

Short Ramadan Preparation Tips

  1. Create a Count Down for Ramadan/Ramazan
  2. Seek Knowledge about Ramadan
  3. Make Plan for Ramadan
  4. Prepare Your mind
  5. Say Good Bye to your Bad Habits
  6. Plan your work around your worship
  7. Reduce Coffee intake
  8. Early Break Fast
  9. Have three main meals avoid snacking in between

In Detail Ramadan Preparation Tips

Ramadan Count Down

Counting down for ramadan you can do this mentally, on calendar or etc. It will create buzz around and encourage others to keep fasting in ramadan. And it increases the excitement of Ramadan

Know Ramadan

When you know about Ramadan, then only you can realize how important month it, and how to maximize you reward in Ramadan. On seeking knowledge about Ramadan you ensure how to do things correctly and what are the other motivational aspects and events in the month to carry on and gain the maximum reward. If you don’t know anything about month of Ramadan it is just similar to other months.

Perfect Plan for Ramadan

There were lot of things have to do in Ramadan, so make a perfect PLAN for Ramadan. Have to recite the entire Quran, not missing any taraweeh prayer every night, inviting families and relatives over for iftaar or handle the Office work. So for this you have to stay focused and well planned and try to continue this plan after Ramadan too.

Prepare your mind

Fasting is not only limited to not eating, you have to be more vigilant with your conversations like lying, backbiting, slandering or talking about useless things, etc. So prepare your mind for this things too beside eating.

Say Good Bye to your Bad Habits

Ramadan is best month in which you can gave up you [Bad Habits], whether it was smoking, eating gutka, sleeping late in the morning, Social media junky, TV watching, Coffee craze and many more, So Slow it down before Ramadan starts So you can make a good use of Ramadan to rid some of your bad habits.

Work with Worship

Whether it was your office work hours, meeting, college, exams or events so make you work like it wouldn’t disturb your prayers or Quran timing

Reduce Coffee

Some people are addicted to coffee if they don’t take coffee in Ramadan they have headache during starting days of Ramadan. Reduce your caffeine intake now to make Ramadan a headache free.

Break Fast

Start having breakfast early in the morning to help our body get used to it, mainly for non-breakfast eater. In Ramadan we have to wake up early for Suhoor/Sehri for pre-dawn meal it’s not good to skip this.


Smokers who fasting Ramadan may experience various symptoms such as irritability restlessness, impatience anger and difficulty in concentrating during fasting hours. They have to reduce smoking during the day to control them self to keep calm. Ramadan is good month for Smokers to leave smoking any one can quit smoking in 30 days of Ramadan.


Many people have habit to eat all day some snacks they can control there hunger long time. For those can eat three main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner and don’t eat anything in between this. It will help you During Ramadan like we just have to cut only one meal in three meals and two meals are Suhoor/Sehri and Iftar.

Regulate Sleeping

You have to wake up early in the morning during Ramadan, if you sleep late usually and wake up late then from start regulate your sleep early in night so it will be comfortable to awake in the morning for Suhoor/Sehri.

Meal Planning

Prepare the list or menu what you have to eat in Suhoor and Iftar for first week of Ramadan, bring the ingredients from grocery. During first week of Ramadan you generally busy in adjusting this can save lot hassle and save lot of energy for Ramadan.

Ask Doctor  

If anyone have high blood pressure, diabetes, reflux etc. it is good to take an appointment with your doctor before Ramadan and check that it is save for you to fast.

Sunnah fasts

Fasts in Shaaban the month before Ramadan help us to prepare for Ramadan fasts, we can check mistakes and where to improve in fasts during Ramadan


Prepare kids for help you in housework like setting the table, preparing the Iftar. Create mini saving bank, and encourage kids to save money and donate during Eid. Prepare kids to wake up early in the morning. Explain the reward multiplied during Ramadan.

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