How to Overcome Common Health Issues In Ramadan


Health Problems Few Might Face in Ramadan and How to Overcome Them.

It is Obvious When We Change our Schedule. Whenever we switch Our Daily Schedule to a New Time we Might Face Some Health Issues, But It is not to be worried because they are just Minor Health Issues which can take care of the Available Solutions.

Common Health Issues:-

  1. Indigestion
  2. Headaches
  3. Lethargy
  4. Heartburn, Etc.

How to Overcome this Health Issues:-


Indigestion Causes Due to Non-Scheduled Food and Improper Habits of Daily Life.

We can easily overcome from this problem by following this few tips:

By Drinking Lots of Water after our Meals.

By Avoiding Non-Scheduled Food (Means Eating at Irregular Time or Late Night)

By Avoiding Spicy Foods, Specially containing Chilies.

Avoid Cold Drinks or Any Beverages Which Contains Gas.

Avoid Sleeping Or Doing Exercise Immediately after Having Food.

Avoid Intoxicants like Alcoholic Beverages

Avoid Smoking.

And By Doing Meditation/Exercise (No Mediation or Exercise is better than Prayer. Try to Pray All 5 Daily Prayers on Time)

Avoid Salted Vegetables or Pickles Which Contains High Amount Of Salt.


Headaches are the common Health Problem in adults as well as in children, How to avoid A headache easy tips:

Having Enough Rest (Most People Do Not Properly rest and they face this Headache Problem)

Irregular Sleeping Schedule (To Avoid Headaches we have to stick to a daily sleeping schedule, No Matter if it is Weekend or party)

Oversleeping also causes a headache

To avoid Headaches- Do Exercise, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, gardening, etc any Activity Which Is Related to Nature.

Try to massage your Head with Hair oil.

Check Your Sleeping Mattress and select the best one because this also makes headaches.

Sleep in good Posture and select the best Pillow.

If you work on the computer the adjust the computer’s screen height and the Brightness.

Avoid Drinking Super Chilled Drinks.

Avoid Caffeine related drinks.

Headaches May also Cause due to Eye Problems And Teeth Problems (So Have An Eye and Teeth Checkup)


Lethargy Means Inactivity, Slowness, Dullness or We Can Say Tiredness How to overcome from this:

Generally, This Causes due to lack of sleep. (So, Try To Sleep Properly)

It could be due to Depression. (So, Be Social and Discuss Your Problems with your Friends and Relatives, and Recite Quran and Pray Because This is the Best Medicine for Depression.)

This could be also Due To Your Health Issues. (So Stay Healthy)

You Can Fill Dullness if You Have High Dosage of Medicines. (So Take Proper Rest After Having Medicines.)

Eating Disorders also makes you Inactive.

And Food With High Amount of Fat Makes You Slowness.

So, Do Your Daily Exercise on time and Eat Well and Sleep Well This Will Help You to Overcome Fatigue or Lethargy.


Medical Name for Heartburn is GERD: Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. This Happens When What We Have eaten, Flows backward towards our Mouth, This Stomach Content is Mixed With Acids which Makes Our Food Pipe Burn OR Irritate (Here Burn Means Fill Uncomfortable). How To Over Come From This Problem.

The First Reason For This is Overweight. So Do Exercise Which Reduces Your Weight.

Consuming Intoxicants like Alcoholic Beverages – Avoid This.

Fried Food Containing High Amount Of Oil and Spices Also make Heartburn So Avoid This Especially in Ramadan.

Sleeping Just After Having Food, And Specially Lying Flat on Bed Makes you Heartburn, So We Have to Avoid This.

Avoid Foods Which Causes Heartburn like Carbonated Beverages, Coffee or Caffeine, Citrus, Etc.

Eating Heavy Food Means Avoid Eating Too Much.

Smoking is Also The Factor-So Avoid Smoking.

Try to Wear Loose Clothes.

If You Still Feel Uncomfortable Then You Have To Consult Your Doctor For Your Problem.

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of Blessings, there are many benefits of fasting this month in terms of Spirituality as well as Health. It is believed that every good deed is multiplied by 70 times in the month of Ramadan. And in regards with health the same thing applied. There are many misconceptions related with health for the month of Ramadan. Many thinks that they will become weak, they loss too much of weight, they can get ill, etc. But it is completely wrong! In this article we are discussing the health benefits of Ramadan. Here are the few points:-

  1. Detoxification:

    Detoxification means the process of removing Toxic from the Human body, there are many toxic presents in our body like Alcoholic Toxic, Drug Toxic, Etc. This toxics are present in our body in the form of fat. And fasting helps in fat burn as in the month of Ramadan people avoids Alcoholic Beverages and they also avoid smoking etc. In our body liver, kidney and other organs perform detoxification task. For Better Detoxification we have to avoid Beverages with gas, Fast food which contains too much spices and oil, all alcoholic beverages, Smoking, and Unnecessary Medicines for minor illness.

  2. Digestive System:

    In the month of Ramadan we use to follow a schedule for our food. This makes our digestive system stronger as it gets rest. When we eat our digestive system releases acid for digestion of food. But if we give rest to this process with fasting this acids were not released and this gives relax to our digestion system. Fasting also helps in quitting junk food and eating food at uneven time. So, fasting helps in the maintenance of our digestive system.

  3. Controls Blood Sugar:

    Fasting helps in controlling blood sugar level, in our body the presence of glucose is sugar. Which comes from the food we eat, and when we avoid food in fasting glucose level decreases. While fasting our body starts breaking of already available glucose molecules to get energy, this makes our blood sugar level low.

  4. Helps in Fat Breakdown:

    As we know eating too much generates fat, and fasting breakdowns the glucose in our body. Glucose is the sugar which generates from the food we eat. And when we fast the fat stored in our body starts melting to provide energy to our body. Most of the fat stored in our body is at kidney, heart, intestines etc. when this fat melts we become more active.

  5. Healthy Heart:

    Muslims use to follow Sunna of Prophet Muhammad SAW and use to eat Dates mostly in the month of Ramadan. It is free from cholesterol and it has just 0.4g total fat and 0g of saturated fat per 100g of dates. Which is really healthy for heart. Dates are rich sources of iron.

  6. Controls High Blood Pressure:

    The major causes to raise blood pressure is Alcohol, Extra Body Fat, Smoking, Stress, etc. So as we know during the month of Ramadan no Muslim touches the alcohol or they smoke. During Ramadan fasting makes weight loss to an extent with a proper diet. About stress this will be controlled by reciting Quran. And all these things makes High blood Pressure control.

  7. Weight Loss:

    Fasting doesn’t make weight loss but with a proper diet during the month of Ramadan. Overweight people can loss there weight for this they have to avoid fast food or junk food, spicy food, oily food and over eating. They can go with the soups dates, bread, milk etc. and a strict 5 time praying schedule to loose there weight.

  8. Good Diets:

    During the month of Ramadan Muslims use to prefer fruits, juices, and a healthy diet. Most of them assumes that fasting is not ok for the health but in the month of Ramadan. People having fast becomes more active and they perform must better than others.

  9. Strong Immune System:

    During fasting Muslims avoid all alcoholic Beverages and they quit Smoking. They use to eat healthy food with more calories and proteins. Muslims prefer eating Fresh Fruits in the fasting. this removes toxics from the human body. And they use to pray 5 times a day Muslim’s Prayer is Namaz. which is like a Physical Exercise which involves body’s Movement. All these makes human body stronger and its Immune system stronger.

  10. Good Sleep:

    In the month of Ramadan Muslims follows a proper schedule for having food, for prayer and for sleep also. This helps body’s internal clock to adjust itself for waking early so they sleep on time with the quality sleep. And the whole day body keeps on working to melt the fat. Which makes body little bit tired and you will have a good sleep. Avoiding Alcohol and smoking also leads to a good quality sleep.

The Dangers Of Hookah Smoking Shisha Argilah Chillim Qalyan Lulava

Hookah Smoking Shisha Argilah Chillim Qalyan Lulava

Hookah Injurious to Health

Hookah is a Glass and Water based Smoking Instrument which is very popular in gulf and Asian Countries. This instrument uses flavored Tobacco, water and a Pipe for smoking. Generally this is smoked in a group.
Hookah has been originated in Safavid Dynasty of Persia but the Smoking Pipe has been invented by Irfan Shaikh of Mughal Empire who was a Physician of Akbar.

Different Names of Hookah

In different regions it is known by different names but the working mechanism is same and the disadvantages also.
“Argilah” in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Iraq.
“Qalyan” in Persian, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.
“Lulava” or “Lula” in Albania
“Narghilea” in Romania
“Narguile” in Spain
“Shisha” or “Shisha” or “Sheesha” in Moroccan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Omen, UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, India
“Mada’a” in Yemen
“Chillim” in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan.
“Jajeer” in Kashmir
“Guduguda” in Maldives.
“Hitboo” in Philippines.
“Okka Pipe” in South Africa.

Hookah-How it Works and What it Consists of…

Hookah Consists of: Bowl, Plate, Valve, Gasket, Hose (Smoking Pipe), and Water Jar.
1. Inhaling via smoking pipe, air is pulled down through coal into the bowl, Hot air from the charcoal burns the tobacco produces smoke.
2. The Smoke passes from the bowl to water jar.
3. Then the hookah smoker smokes from that smoking pipe which is connected to the water jar.

hookah smoking
hookah smoking

Health Effects of Hookah

Causes Cancer: Hookah is really injurious to health as it contain more harmful effects then cigarette. Hookah contains more amount of carbon monoxide and nicotine then cigarette as a single cigarette contains approx. 10 mg of nicotine and it is generally smoked for 5 to 7 minutes and in this it produces 1.2 times of carbon monoxide in its total session. While hookah is used to be smoked for approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour and which is equal to smoking 12-15 cigarettes which is 120-150mg of nicotine you are consuming and this produces 18 times more carbon monoxide. And a whole session of hookah can produce 37 times more tar then cigarette. Major causes of hookah and cigarette are Lungs Cancer, Oral Cancer, and Tuberculosis.

Generally a hookah Smoker use to inhale 100-200 cigarettes smoke in a single session of hookah.

Oral Problems: Hookah smokers use to face oral problems, generally hookah use to smoke in groups and the pipe is shared, and they smoke from the same hookah the water in hookah water jar remains same this make germs spread from one infected person to another. Common oral Problems which are spread are Bleeding gums, Dry Mouth and Salivary Gland Problems.
Spread of Infections: Hookah causes many health problems as it is not disposable after single use like cigarette it is used again and again. So there are higher chances of getting spread of virus and bacteria. As we know oral problems are common with hookah, there is a risk of spreading of germs like cold virus, tuberculosis bacteria, etc. this can be easily spread with this hookah.
Smoke from Tobacco and Charcoal: Hookah is double dangerous then cigarette as the hookah smokers use to smoke the tobacco and the also smoking the harmful gases coming from the charcoal. Charcoal produces carbon monoxide at high level continuous smoking may lead to cancer and very serious health condition.

hookah smoking lungs
hookah smoking lungs

Nicotine: Nicotine is a chemical presents in Tobacco products this is a toxic continuous usage of nicotine causes irritation and burning sensation in the mouth and throat, vomiting, insomnia, abdominal pain, increase in blood pressure and Headaches at regular intervals. And Nicotine is addictive agent so those who use nicotine in any form they cannot get rid it from quickly. Nicotine is also responsible for cancer.
No Filter: Hookah has no filter so the impure particles from tobacco and charcoal were inhaled directly to the lungs and a high amount of tar is get collected in lungs through hookah smoking.
Artificial Flavor and Color: Generally companies use to mix artificial color and flavors to tobacco which is the combination of some chemicals and when you inhale that tobacco in hookahs those harmful chemical were inhaled in your lungs and that is also make you unhealthy.
Less Oxygen to Lungs: Our Body need fresh Oxygen to work properly, Oxygen is needed to burn the food and produce energy, when we breathe oxygen is inhaled to the lungs and lungs transport the oxygen to the whole body by red blood cells and by this we work properly and most effectively, and when we smoke hookah in a single session of 1 hour we use to inhale almost 50 liters of smoke and 100 to 150 mg of Nicotine then just imagine what we are doing with our body!

Fashion for Few days Punishment For whole Life

hookah smoking
hookah smoking

The Quran prohibits intoxicants,  intoxicants are both alcohol, drugs and Hookah, and the Quran makes it clear to us that any form of intoxicating substance is prohibited.

Is Hookah Makrooh or Haram?

Smoking Hookah cause harmful materials to collect in the body over time, resulting in a gradual killing of the organs and tissues. Smoking person is most likely to suffer from some of diseases, and his suffering increases as he grows older.

And anything that cause harm to one’s body or to others is haram in Islam.

Allah says: “Do not kill yourself. Allah is Merciful unto you.” (Surat al-Nisa :29)


“…make not your own hands contribute to your destruction. ..” (Surah al-Baqarah:195)

Hookah is a slow poison from which a person killing himself gradually as he smokes it

“Whomsoever consumes poison, thereby killing himself, then he will be consuming his poison forever in the fire of Hell and he will abide in it permanently and eternally.” (Bukhaari, Muslim)

842 million people Sleeping without Food

Just donate the money to poor people who are leaving without food daily, How can any one enjoy Hookah by wasting lot of money where many people dying for food. It is not poor people fault that they are poor its rich people wasting money for harmful things READ CHARITY IN RAMADAN POST FOR MORE INFORMATION

“… and do not be extravagant wasters. Those who are extravagant are kinsmen of Satan.” (Surat al-Israil 17:26-27)

How to Quit Hookah ?

Read Our post Quit Alochol Challenge for now it will definelty help you to quit Hookah.

“Allaah wants to let you into His Mercy, whereas those who follow the desires want you to drift far away (from the right path).” (Surah an-Nisaa:27)


Allah warns us;
“And it has already been revealed to you in the Book (this Quran) that when you hear the Verses of Allah being denied and mocked at, then sit not with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but if you stayed with them) certainly in that case you would be one of them. Surely, Allah will collect the hypocrites and disbelievers all together in Hell” [al-Nisaa 4:140]

May Allah guide us and enable us to stay on the right path and do only those acts that are pleasing to Him. Ameen.



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