Taraweeh Prayers during Ramadan Everything you should know about

Taraweeh Prayers

In the month of Ramadan Muslims use to do Fasting, pray, charity, etc. with the belief that they will get a good reward from Allah on the Day of Judgment. Muslims use to offer extra prayers other the regular five times prayer. And this prayer is after the Ishaan Prayer which is the 5th prayer of the day at Night and this Prayer is called Taraweeh Prayer. This prayer is of 20 Rakats each set is of 2 Rakats like this they perform 10 sets of 2 Rakats and they will take rest after every 4(2+2) Rakats. After this 20 Rakats of Prayer they will pray 3 Rakats of Vitr Prayer.

In this Taraweeh Prayer the Imam (The Head of the Mosque) use to recite the whole Quran in prayer and they complete this Quran in the month of Ramadan. Generally each day this Taraweeh prayer takes One hour to One and Half Hour to complete.

Taraweeh is an Arabic word which means “To Take Rest”. In This Taraweeh Prayer After every 4 (2+2) Rakats they use to take rest and in Some Mosques they use to translate into understandable language that what they have recited from the Quran. After that they use to make a short Dua then they again continue for the rest of the prayers. So these are where the name derived from the Rest after 4 Rakats.

What to Be Considered Before Taraweeh Prayers:

  1. Once in a Year:

Ramadan comes once in a year and it is believed that every good deeds and devotion are multiplied by 70 times and Taraweeh is a submission to Allah by the Muslims they use to pray and finishes the whole Quran by standing in prayer in the month of Ramadan, So don’t miss the chance of Taraweeh prayer. According to the Sahih Bukhari “Whoever Prayed at night in it (the Month of Ramadan) out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.”

  1. Reach Early to The Mosque:

Reaching early to the mosque for prayer is a good habit, so that you can offer all your Sunna, Nafil and Vitr Prayers and you can have abulation easily, you will get your choice space in mosque and even for parking you can park your vehicle easily.

  1. Focus on what is Being Recited:

Try to be focused on what is being recited as it is really long prayer and you have to pray standing so it is common to get distracted while praying. So try to keep focus and try to recite yourself what is being recited this will make your concentration on prayer other than any worldly thoughts.

  1. Don’t forget your Daily Five-Times Prayer:

It is equally important to pray your all five time prayer before Taraweeh try to offer all Sunna, Nafil and Vitr Prayers. How can we offer extra prayers if we do not offer the Fard Prayers? So try to pray all your five time prayers before Taraweeh and on Time.

  1. Clear Intentions & Eliminate Negativity:

Taraweeh prayers are offered once in a year, and in this prayers we finishes the whole Quran. So we have to be very alert and fully devoted in prayer, we don’t have to involve in thinking any worldly thoughts and in arguing with anyone wasting time in useless things. We have to keep smile on our face and try to be positive in all the situations.

  1. Try to be in the First Row:

It is believed that praying in first row means getting more blessings. So be on time and try to be in the first row. But if the first row is filled then don’t push or don’t force to pray in the first row. Try the next best option and Pray. And be on time next day to pray in the first row.

  1. Don’t eat too Much Before Taraweeh:

After finishing the fast don’t eat too much as in Taraweeh prayer you will feel uncomfortable. As it can lead you to stomach pain or vomiting effect. So after finishing the fast eat just as much as you required and after Taraweeh you can have a little bit more food. As after Taraweeh prayers you will feel little bit Hungry due the physical activity involved in the prayer.

  1. Don’t Miss Any Taraweeh Prayer:

In Taraweeh prayer the whole Quran is completed in prayers and this is done by reciting a particular part of Quran each day and if you missed any of the Taraweeh then you have missed that part of the Quran.

  1. Know what is being recited and which chapter is recited:

Try to ask with the Imam of the mosque that how he is completing the Quran and which chapter they read next day and try to read the translation of that part in your home or in the mosque. This will make you better understand the quran. Nowdays Quran is available in many Languages in translation so pick the language you understand and learn it.

  1. Taraweeh in One Mosque:

Try to Complete your all Taraweeh Prayers in a single mosque, becaues in various mosque Imams can complete the Quran in various days. Which can miss match your qurans Recitment by the Imam in Prayer, Means in few mosque the Imams use to complete the Quran two time in ramadan so they use to cover large part of the Quran in a single day and in few mosque the Quran is completed in 27 Day after that taraweeh continues but from the beginning of the quran.

  1. Taraweeh Starts one Day Before:

Remember Taraweeh Prayers Starts one day before the Ramadan starts. So don’t forget to attend the taraweeh prayer.

  1. Make Dua:

Nothing can be achieved without the blessing of the Allah, so try to make Loads of loads of Dua (Wishes) Allah Accepts the Dua which are Prayed out of sincere faith and hoping. And Make Dua for forgiving all the previous sins.


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