why its sunnah to eat Dates in Islam – Ramadan and Dates (palm)

Dates in Ramadan

Dates are the fruits which are mentioned in the Quran. And there are many hadiths which mentioned about Dates:

In Quran:

“Shake the trunk of the palm toward you and fresh, ripe dates will drop down onto you.” (Surah Maryam: verse 25)

“And in the earth are tracts (diverse though) neighboring, and gardens of vines and fields sown with corn, and palm trees — growing out of single roots or otherwise: watered with the same water, yet some of them We make more excellent than others to eat. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand.” (Surah Al-Raad, verse 4)

Prophet Muhammad SAW Said:

“Break your fast by eating date’s as it is purifying,” (Ahmad).

“If you have a date, break your fast with it, if you don’t have it, break the fast with water as it is purifying.” (Abu Dawood).

”Ajwah (Ajwah Date’s are the best dates in quality which are available in the Madina Region of Saudi Arabia) dates are from Paradise.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

“The Prophet said there is a tree among the trees which is similar to a Muslim (in goodness), and that is the date palm tree.” (Bukhari)

“People in a house without dates are in a state of hunger.” (Muslim)

“Whoever eats seven date’s of the High Land of Madina in the morning will not be hurt by poison or sorcery on that day.” (Bukhari)

Nutrition in Dates

Dates are consists of Minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc. And Vitamins: A, C, E & K.

Health benefits of date’s:

Iron in Dates: Date’s contain a good amount of iron means iron is the essential element of our blood 70% of our body’s iron presents in red blood cells which is also called Hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying fresh oxygen to our brain, lungs and tissues.

Calcium in Date’s: Our body needs calcium to grow our body’s Skelton and to grow teeth and to keep them healthy. Dates are the good source of calcium. Consuming date’s on regular basis makes our bones stronger and we are protected from minor bone fractures etc.

Helps in Weight Gain: Date’s contain sugar means glucose which is responsible for gaining weight. Many people who are slim ant thin spent huge amount of money in useless products and diets to gain weight if they eat date on regular basis then they can easily gain weight, just 1 Kg of date’s contain more than 300 Calories. A good quality date can contain more potassium then banana if compare in equal quantity.

Rich Source of Antioxidants: Date’s are rich source of antioxidants, means consuming dates on regular basis can make you look younger and it will help you to recover sooner from minor injuries, scratches.

Internal Body Cleaning: Eating date regular helps in eliminating body toxins.

Easily Digestible: Date’s are easily digestible fruit so everyone can have dates it doesn’t matter the age weather he is a child or any elder in the family. Date are packed with high amount of energy so everyone should have dates.

Healthy Heart: Date’s are helpful in maintaining hearts health, one should have date’s by soaking it overnight in milk or in water for good effect.

Why Dates are Important in Ramadan?

As we know date’s are the natural pack of energy. As it contain sugar (glucose) which is very quickly convertible into energy and after having fast for the whole day we need that energy and dates can fulfill that. And as we have discussed in our other article eating large amount of food immediately after ending the fast is not good for health, so we can have date’s. Date are high in vitamins and minerals so they are like energy booster immediately after ending fast. It is better to have date in morning in Sehr.

And moreover this scientific reasoning it is mentioned in Quran and mentioned in Hadiths so for a Muslim that is enough.

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